At Preferred Pool Inspections, we realize how important it is for home buyers to understand the condition of the pool before they buy a home. That's why we offer comprehensive written reports for every inspection. We want you to confidently proceed with your purchase and look forward to being a pool owner. Our pool inspections can be performed year-round, so don't worry if the pool is closed and winterized during the winter months.   

Call us today for details. Each report is prepared exclusively for you and comes complete with digital pictures at no extra cost!  

What's included

We inspect all aspects of the pool and report on the current condition of the pool and make recommendations to ensure the pool operates efficiently and safely.  

  • Pool - integrity of the pool - whether it is cement/gunite, vinyl lined or fiberglass
  • Decking and coping around the pool including ladder and handrail anchors 
  • Circulation system - all pumps and motors, skimmers and return lines
  • Filtration system - filter, automatic chlorine feeders, sanitizers, chlorine generators, piping, valves
  • Electrical components - timers, panel, outlets, lights
  • Heating units   
  • Attached spa and water features
  • Diving board, slide
  • Fence and gates to ensure they meet all of NJ State requirements

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